FYI - Amazon last minute sale on Echo Dots - Dirt Cheap!

Right now, Amazon has 2nd gen Echo Dots on sale for $19 and 3rd gen for $29.

A good “last minute” deal if you feel inclined to try one out or pick up a few for additional rooms in your home.

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I picked up a 3rd gen just days ago and already love it! I’ll be picking up another pair of them today (or a full-size Echo) to place in other parts of my apartment.

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I got both a second gen and a 3rd gen echo dot FREE when I bought some Tile bundles during Black Friday. The 3rd Gen speaker is much better than the second gen. My wife loves bossing Alexa around, as well as listening to music on demand, but complained about speech being hard to understand. It was a week before I found the tone controls in the Alexa app :slight_smile:

FYI- I put all IOT gadgets on the Guest network of my router. It’s bad enough these things are listening to our conversations. I want to isolate network traffic as much as possible.