G Suite Legacy Conversion Options

Ok, I’m picking up the G Suite conversion topic.

I’ve been trying to come up with a plan. I have a bit, but am looking at options. My immediate family has used G Suite with our personal/family domain. We each have an email at our domain and have run it through G Suite for… maybe ten years? Maybe more?

I took the survey Google sent out, but don’t know if anything will come of it so am starting to look for options.

One that seems easy is moving from Gmail to the newish iCloud+ option. That’s probably the easiest option and I think it comes with the iCloud subscription I already have (1tb). My challenge is getting the email set up, trying to import all the email from gmail into the new iCloud setup. Etc.

Anyone else who has been in G Suite considering this option?

The e-mail address part is easy to setup. The moving mail part is not as easy as other services. I moved recently from Fastmail to iCloud and I setup both accounts on a Mac and just moved the messages and let it run. This is harder given it’s a whole family though as have to do for each.

I know there are some paid tools out there to do this, but not sure how trustworthy they are.


Still watching. I was hoping for a rumored “free family” version. The closest I’ve seen so far is dropping the price from $6 per user to $3 per user (per month).

I hate to have to do a new service. Mainly because I hate to have to port our family accounts.

I guess I’m just gonna have to do it.

The price drop is just for a year. Not for lifetime of legacy users.

Yeah, I need to sit down and spend a good couple of hours looking at options. I’m the only one in the family who uses the google suite of tools, but even then my use is minimal and can be manually ported over to a personal google account. I just need to get something figured out in the next week or two.