Game controller for Apple TV 4k, other Apple devices

I’ve started playing Manifold Garden on Apple Arcade, and it looks like a game that would be relaxing to play from the recliner on my TV/Apple TV 4k. So it seems I need a game controller. I know that I need an Mfi controller, but there is a plethora of controllers from RunSnail on up.
What about vibrotactile feedback?
Would also be nice if it worked with my iMac Pro, MacBook Pro, iPhone 11 Pro, iPad Pro.
Anyone have suggestions?

Good recommendation on the controller, Thanks!

@JohnAtl some 18 months later, any feedback? I’m interested in the same (controller for both ATV and iPad). Are you happy with your purchase?

Others who read this… any other recommendations? thanks— jay

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My gaming time was short-lived, but while it was a thing, it worked well!

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Xbox or Playstation, either is good. Both work well. The PS5 has extra stuff that the the ATV will never support so probably no need to get one unless you find a deal. I slightly prefer the grip of PS controllers, but really both are equally good.

You can go with some other brands, that I am sure are fine, but those two are the big guns of the gaming world, so you can’t go wrong with either.

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I use a SteelSeries Nimbus. I use it to play Fantasian on my iPad and AppleTV.

They recently released a new version Nimbus+. One caveat though is for some reason, it’s now working with Steam. Some controller driver error on their end that someone from the Steam community was able to fix via terminal.

Nimbus+ | Apple Arcade Gaming Controller | SteelSeries

PS4 is the best Apple TV4K game controller out there?

So sad that the Switch Pro controller is not supported since that is the only one I own… and it’s pretty great, too.