Games to rest your brain

All work and no play…

So as not to be a dull boy, I’m taking some breaks and playing Inside by Playdead. It’s billed as a 2-D puzzle-platformer adventure game. It’s very engrossing and atmospheric, and a nice break from the real world.

What are you playing?

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Borderlands 3. Sometimes you just want to mow down some bandits and aliens.

Inside was good. Have you played Limbo?

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Mine are more prosaic, my current favorite is “Guess which ewe will lamb first and when” :wink:

I check my guesses out in the pasture every hour or 2.


Went back to Diablo III and fell down HARD.
Paragon level 800-ish, all equipped with ancient legendaries and a primordial, pushing 100+ Great Rifts with a Demon Hunter called – as it should – Bayonetta.


I know all those words individually, but don’t recognize them in most of those combinations :slight_smile:


Man, and I was counting to you to pull the adds for off-tanking while the heals would be focussed on decursing them while the MT would put the boss in range for a massive DPS rush.

(I used to play A LOT of World of Warcraft, too…)


It doesn’t rest my brain, but I am absolutely loving Doom Eternal at the moment. Glorious, but violent fun!

On my Mac, I play World of Warcraft and Elder Scrolls, I have invested lots of time in both.

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Almost finished Battletech’s main campaign :smiley:

Just bought Borderlands 3 for the Mac today from the Epic store, and I have to say it’s the best AAA game I’ve played on MacOS. It runs very well on my Vega 56, although it certainly gets the fans working! Don’t try if you’ve not got a desktop class GPU though, it’s a demanding game.

The game itself is much better than Borderlands 2 and as usual for the series has tonnes of great humor. I ended up getting the season pass so many more months of fun with this.

Recommended if you like games with a sense of humor, driving cars with turrets and lots of huge crazy weapons!


I think that it might be my favorite of the series. I enjoyed getting off of Pandora.

I didn’t realize that there was a Mac version. I just automatically logged into my Boot Camp Windows for it.

I have just bought an amazingly beautiful game called Subnautica. It is an open world underwater game on an alien planet. It will keep me going for some time…

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