GarageBand requires Big Sur?

I went through the Updates on my iMac which is running Catalina. I tried to be conservative upgrading my main computer because I don’t want to deal with unexpected surprises. Anyway, when I clicked on the Update button for GarageBand, it would not update because it requires Big Sur. iMovie, Keynote, etc updated fine, why would GarageBand require Big Sur? Is there some audio feature only available in Big Sur?


Rogue Amoeba have written blog posts with updates about their applications and the issues they faced getting them to work on Big Sur. I get the impression that Apple have changed the way that audio is handled by the OS and I am guessing that this is why the latest update for GarageBand needs the latest OS.

Below is a link to one of Rogue Amoeba‘s blog posts about updating their software for Big Sur and then later it talks about the additional work for the M1 chips.

OK, that makes sense then. Thanks for the article.

I’m with you. It’s annoying. You would think they would know you’re not on Big Sur and not offer the update.

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The update offer did go away for me after the most recent updates (the Catalina updates that accompanied 11.1). I’m not sure if that was intentional or a bug but it made me less annoyed :slight_smile:

Rogue Amoeba wrote a new post a couple of days ago about all their apps having official support for the M1 now.

I saw the same thing and put it down as a bug.

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