Gathering in Chicago for MPU Live?

Hey all, I’ll be coming to Chicago from out of town (Indiana) for MPU Live tomorrow and staying near the venue.

If anyone is interested in a low-key get together in the area before/after (at least for those of us who weren’t able to get VIP Tickets!), or if you have suggestions for good coffee/eats in that part of town, let me know!


I really enjoyed Lou Malnati’s pizza both times I visited Chicago! No idea if it’s near the venue though I’m afraid.


@RosemaryOrchard - Next one in Europe?

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No Malnati’s in Europe, I’m afraid. But I’m sure it’s still a nice place to visit. :wink:


I’d be interested in grabbing a bit ahead of time.

I am up for this meetup since I will be driving in from the Detroit area. I also hope to visit the New Michigan Ave Apple Store.

I can’t attend the event but am around this weekend after the event and tonight as well

I’ve been looking for a casual eatery near the venue and found Cortland’s Garage, probably 5-7 minute walk…

(Since we’re all Mac power users, here’s the Apple Maps link! Cortland’s Garage Tavern & Grill,%20Chicago,%20IL%20%2060622,%20United%20States&auid=12936700221531059131&ll=41.915918,-87.669547&lsp=9902&q=Cortland’s%20Garage%20Tavern%20%26%20Grill&_ext=ChkKBQgEEOIBCgQIBRADCgQIBhARCgQIChAAEiQpElYZbab0REAxBeTlKT3rVcA5kCs/ycz1REBBLQT6X3fqVcA%3D&t=m)

We could sort of do an informal meetup beforehand, say 4:30 or 5?

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Or if we wanted to meet up at the Lincoln Park Apple store, we could hit the Interurban Boathouse
On the way if we need to be fed:
Interurban Boathouse

Anyone feel free to PM me and I can add you to an iMessage group I’m starting up.

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I would be interested in meeting up before the event

Okay so I think the current plan is to meet at the Lincoln Park Apple Store at 5pm, then make our way to the show with a potential pitstop.

PM Me with your iMessage address if you want to be put into the iMessage group we’ve got going or iMessage me at scott [at ]scottlougheed [dot] com (as if that will stop spammers… :man_shrugging:)

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