Gazelle - caveat emptor

Be careful with Gazelle when selling them iPad or iPhone. If you reject their offer, they do not return what you sent.

I recently went to Gazelle to try to sell my iPad Pro 1st gen. I selected “good” condition and was shown a price of approximately $200.00. There was a bit of discoloration on the back of the device from a cast that was used; otherwise it was in perfect condition, and good working order. They responded with an offer of $17.00. That was enough of a difference that I chose to have my device sent back.

If you’ve used Gazelle before, you know that they invite you to include chargers and cables. My device came back, but my charger and cable didn’t make it. As this impacts resale value on places like Craigslist, eBay, etc., I attempted to get these items back; they were spotless (the cord had never even been used) and that charger was compact, foldable and USB-A to lightning, which is still useful. Emails went unanswered, and calls went to voice jail. I sold the device on eBay with the original box but without charger and cable after giving up on Gazelle. So a word to the wise – unless you’re certain they won’t find fault with your description of condition, don’t include these extras or you’ll lose them for sure.

They don’t pay you for the charger / cables, do they? I wouldn’t send anything that I wasn’t selling.

I had the opposite experience with Gazelle, they gave me twice what I would have gotten from an Apple trade-in, without the charger etc. It all seems to come down to timing.

I believe you are correct. And that is the correct choice here and what I should have done as well.

I think that’s exactly right, so best to check all options. My particular beef was the lack of any way to connect with them in any useful way once I’d elected not to proceed.