GeekTool / Übersicht on Catalina?

I had GeekTool on Mojave to display text and images on my desktop. I’d be interested to know whether it is still operational on Catalina (before I install it on my new MBP).

I tried Übersicht. Its Website offers “ease of use”. Its documentation is however horribly sparse. I could never get it to show just a simple full HTML document (it was easier with GeekTool). I could get Übersicht to show the text of the HTML document, and that text seemed to be an “editable version” as an overlay. I’m not even sure how I’d get Übersicht to show images (again, it is far easier with GeekTool). Any thoughts on this? Are there somewhere examples/templates (that I could never find) of how to do just such simple things?

Finally, should I just give up on the whole notion of “geeking out” my desktop for “oversight”? Would I be better off to purchase yet another monitor just for such things to have their own place? (Just being facetious on this one).


I’m using GeekTool on Catalina, no problems (other than the usual GeekTool oddities).

I had some script failures on Catalina, that had worked on Mojave a couple days before. Probably due to Gatekeeper. I yanked GeekTool because it wasn’t worth fixing anything.

Thanks both. At least there is nothing that says it just plain will not work at all. I will likely try over the weekend. I have only the desire to display a rotation of images as snapshots (as a substitute for the physical electronic picture frames) and to show an HTML page (a Curio status shelf output that tracks my projects). It may be that it fails with the access to the specific folders where the stuff is stored … we shall soon see.


To close this … I installed and am successfully running GeekTool on Catalina. For those interested, I have it set to show an HTML file generated from the Status Shelf in Curio in the upper left corner and to rotate through a set of pictures in a window at the lower right corner of my desktop.

Thanks all for the help.