Geeky Cool Project Codenames

Hopefully this will be a fun topic to discuss! :slight_smile:

One of the ways I like to motivate myself to be productive is to give my projects cool codenames (on Omnifocus, I dare not advertise these in the office).

The project names I use to to be inspired by either concepts, or characters (whether real or fictional).

Some example project names I use:

  • Project Snow (after the GoT character Jon Snow)
  • Project Jarvis (after the AI assistant in Iron Man)
  • Project Lighthouse
  • Project Magellan
  • Project Dojo
  • Project Sparks (a grouping I use for tips I want to action from David’s field guides)

And a bunch of other geeky cool project names.

Do you indulge with project naming convention? Share some project names here for inspiration if you do.


Yes, I do love code names for things.
Operation Crystal Cobra
Operation Polar Tiger
Project Vicious Rogue
Project Have Blue
Are a few of my current ones.

I haven’t done that for home things. Work stuff used to always have code names. (Popham, EasterEgg etc.)

However I think that adding a cool name might help me get cracking on some less than wonderful/fun/interesting projects :wink:

Not projects, but my servers, routers, hotspots, iDevices etc carry names of Star Wars characters/places. E.g. my AirPort Extreme is R2-D2 and Airport Express is BB-8.