GeForce Now on iOS

Decided to give the GeForce Now beta ( a twirl on my iPad and I have to say my mind is completely blown by it! A controller is a must, the games require it.

I’ve been sitting back and enjoying Witcher 3 all morning, and I’ve not even had any slowdown or stutter. It plays perfectly and looks beautiful on my 12.9” iPad

I’m glad nVidia found a way to get around Apple’s restrictions, and I’ll be enjoying my Steam collection a lot more now it’s so mobile.


Very interesting ! Can you play any Steam game on that service?

Only the ones that are allowed by publishers, some game studios refused to allow their games to be available. It supports many more games than the Mac though and has ray tracing, which looks awesome. It also supports Epic Game Store.

I have 51 of my games that are compatible out of 127 on Steam.

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Thanks! I’ll definitely check it out, hoping it works internationally.

Microsoft xCloud and Google Stadia will do the same thing.

I’ve also got an Xbox with lots of games on the account. xCloud will be great to have as well.