Gen 2 AirPods - Disconnecting

Hello all,

I have recently been experiencing repeated disconnects of my Gen 2 AirPods on iPhone and iPad Pro. My iPhone is running non beta software. My iPad Pro is running iPadOS public beta 3.

I have told both devices to forget the AirPods and repaired many times. Still getting drops during all forms of media and calls.

Did you reset the AirPods themselves?

Try resetting the AirPods, not repairing it. Reset it then repair it with the devices. That’s what I had to do. I forget how to do it. You can google it and it will come right up.

Thank you both for the info. I will give that a try. I did not know about that option.

@Porterw24 I never new about it either till I started have trouble, then googled and that’s how I found out about it and I was shocked .

Seems to have done the trick. So far anyway.