General help when setting up a new Mac

Just need some general help with setting up my new Mac. I have decided not to transfer anything except for signing into iCloud. The rest I’m setting up manually.

I will post here as I have questions.

First one is the following:

Does anyone know if the text replacement in Settings–>Keyboard is transferred with iCloud? At the moment I don’t see anything…

Any thoughts on what the best settings for Energy Saver in Settings is? Sorry that it’s in Danish, but it should be the same settings across language.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Any thoughts on the best settings for the new trackpad on the Mac? I haven’t had one of these for. Anyone who can suggest optimal settings?

they should sync and appear… maybe it’s just a matter of waiting, it’s known that this specific feature is a little troublesome (in the past at least).

edit: the text replacement I mean… looks like the reply button didn’t work

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personally I leave them at the default settings

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Does anyone know if it is a good idea to turn on the recovery key feature in iCloud–>Security?

this one is quite difficult for non danish speaking people :stuck_out_tongue:

I have mine set this way:

“hard press” with one finger for the first one (look up and the quick preview of links)

click or tap with two fingers for the right click / secondary click

tap to click enabled

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Do you know how to implement the three finger drag just by touching the trackpad? Right now I have to hold down a finger on the trackpad and drag with the others… I used to be able to just touch with three fingers and then drag

Do you mean dragging (swiping?) between fullscreen apps?
It’s on the third tab of the preferences.

Inside apps (Safari, photos etc. ) I drag with 2 fingers, no need to keep one down

No, I mean to drag windows with just holding three fingers on the top bar of the window… right now I have to hold a finder down on the trackpad and drag with the other fingers

oh, didn’t knew that gesture :smiley:

I just click with one finger and drag that finger around. it works only with the new “fixed” trackpads thou, on my 2013 MacBook Air I have to click with one finger and drag another around

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Oh i didn’t know that I could just drag it around with one finger… maybe I will start using that instead now

just click and keep the finger pressed as you drag. I find it very comfortable. :smiley:

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Ah, there was no way I could find it, thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello Andreas,

Regarding the text replacements you can do the following:

  1. On your old computer, select all and drag them out to the desktop. A file will be created.

  2. Transfer the file to your new computer.

  3. Click and drag the file into this page in System Preferences.

Energy saver: I usually just set it to minimum, and increase if I don’t like it.

Recovery key: I think you are a migrant from two-step verification. While it can be convenient to keep this, it’s not an requirement if you are able to keep access to your trusted devices and trusted phone number.

Three-finger drag: System Preferences —> Accessebility —> Mouse and trackpad —> Trackpad preferences —> Activate moving —> Drag with three fingers (I have my Mac in Norwegian, labels might be different).

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