Generate Font Specimen Book from Folder

Is anybody aware of an app that can generate a font specimen book from a folder of fonts? Over the years I have accumulated a huge of number of fonts that have stored in a folder (alphabetically). In my system I have only installed the fonts that I use all the time (above and beyond the ones that seem to be installed automatically by Apple, Microsoft, etc.).

Every so often I have need of some special font for a diagram or whatever and I would really like to just leaf through a PDF of all of the fonts that I have available to me to find “just the right one”. But I haven’t been able to locate an app that will create such a file.

Any pointers out there?

I realize this is not what you are asking, but have you considered installing those fonts but just “deactivating” them? You could then use FontBook to browse and activate them as necessary.

That is a possibility. I was uncomfortable with whether fontbook can handle that large a number. For many years I used FontExplorer and did include a large number in there – many disabled. I got rid of FontExplorer last year. (As I move farther and farther into retirement some things are less and less needed :slight_smile: )

My general experience in many areas has been that “professional” apps tend to handle scale better than apple apps. (e.g., on MPU we have heard several times that Apple Notes is spectacular until you have more than xxx notes). So, while I was comfortable doing something like this with FontExplorer I have been less comfortable with FontBook.

But it is something to consider…Thanks.