Genuine replacement AirPods Pro 2 charging case

I need to purchase a replacement case for my son’s AirPods Pro 2 generation wireless charging case.

His got run over by the school bus. Don’t ask except to say son is fine but the weight of a bus has changed the hinge characteristics slightly. It was remarkable it didn’t just squash them beyond use.

I can’t find the case listed for sale on the Apple Store. Google returns a large number of third party offerings but I just want the genuine Apple one.

Any ideas please?

Did you have applecare on them as they might replace it under that.

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Did you try the chat option on Apple’s web site?


Have to open a tech support case with Apple. They don’t sell openly on their website.


You need the serial number for his iPod Pros. It is located inside the case or on the box they came in (What??? Doesn’t everyone save their boxes???)

You can then visit an Apple Store Genius Bar or contact AppleCare for a replacement case. The case is not available for retail purchase but only as a service part. Should be around $100 and they will want the damaged case.

Glad your son is OK!

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The rumours are that the USB C version of the case will be launched next week.

One of my family members had issues with their case so I bought one from eBay for $30. basically lots of people lose their earbuds and then sell the case.

Apple does give you one for $100 or was $120… can’t remember now … it’s not a retail purchase. It’s from Apple support.

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Hi @davepettitt,

It’s really easy, head to this apple link and follow the bouncing ball (this assumes you are, like me, in Australia).


Thank you everyone. Much appreciated. @SteveMac yes I am in Australia, in the wonderful West.

Sadly not. Normally we have Applecare on everything but this one slipped through.

Thank you for your kind wishes @MacGuyMI . When he rang me to tell me he was very apologetic for dropping them as he exited the bus and was upset that the bus had then run them over. My response to him was I can replace his damaged electronics much more easily than having to heal him. He’s a good lad and knew to step back and watch the bus do its thing rather than rush to save them.


Just to close this out. We made an appointment at the Genius Bar. Now my son is 18 he made the appointment, organised the replacement, confirmed his Applecare+ will carry over and walked out a very happy lad.

I still don’t understand why you can’t just pick a replacement case up without using the Genius Bar but if that’s how they want to run things, it’s not for me to argue.

If it has a Serial Number that’s why!

This is Apple’s system for tracking parts whether it is In-warranty or Out of Warranty. I don’t make the rules… I just had to follow them.

Glad it worked out for him (and you)


I think part of it is that they also want to look up serial numbers just to verify that something isn’t stolen. For example, somebody has an Airpod in their ear, you manage to steal their case + other Airpod, then you just go to Apple to buy a replacement for the missing one.

It sounds like a weird thing, but I’m sure Apple is considering it.