Geotag photos (from pro / non-GPS-enabled camera)?

Has anyone used GeoTagr or something similar?

Galarina - GeoTagr Website

They tout a two-step process:

Tagging photos with a location (a.k.a. geotagging) is basically a two step process:

  1. You record your location while you make photos with your digital camera

  2. You tag the photos with a location"

Sadly, at the bottom of the features page, it says, “GeoTagr is not compatible with File Sharing of the new APFS file system introduced on macOS High Sierra.”

I will probably be using it on my iPad, as I ingest photos and that seems fine; but, what about other stuff?

Planning a big trip this spring and want to take a lot of photos (many with a high-end camera that does not seem to offer a plug-in GPS module). Have not yet bought said camera yet; but am leaning toward the Fujifilm X-T3.

Am thinking of doing the trip as “iPad only,” and am a bit nervous about that.

I searched old MPU shows and found ref. to a couple of other apps and also Macworld and Cult of Mac (plus I searched the app store!).

Some notables are:
HoudahGeo — Geocode & Geotag. Add Locations to Apple Photos – Seems to work with both Lightroom and Apple’s Photos app.

‎Photo GeoTag on the Mac App Store

And, App store search turned up Geotag Photos Pro 2. … Also seems to be Lightroom-friendly, Dropbox-friendly and might work with photos. Not sure.

I don’t currently use Lightroom – I either use Photoshop (CS5) or Photo Mechanic 5 (infrequently, but great for mass info-adding). Both, of course only work on a computer (Windows or macOS).

Would love to learn how folks on the forum handle these things (and what apps/software you use).

I’ve downloaded a few old travel-related shows and will be re-listening for advice as I prepare for my trip!



I use HoudahGeo. I take a reference photo with my iPhone while I’m shooting with my Sony a7 III to match the location later. I process the images, add the metadata in HG then import them to Photos.


I attached a GPS tracker to my camera, so location data is already there.

In PhotoMechanic you can add GPS tracks to your photos. Start any app that tracks your movements and allows the export in GPX format. I used Runtastic in the past for this. It’s also very nice to have your trip documented as a GPS track, you can review it in Google Earth and similar.
It’s vital that your camera is set to the correct time, because the location is matched to the photos with the time stamp. After the trip, export the GPX tracks from the app (or GPS device) and import them into PhotoMechanic. Lightroom can also handle that task.

I am a Nikon guy, but AFAIK you can pair the X-T3 with a Fuji App on the phone and it will send coordinates to the camera, whch will be embedded into EXIF. I could do the same for my Nikon DSLR but it’s wonky. I prefer the attached GPS module. No idea how good/bad the Fuji solution is.

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