Get Outlook Mac to prompt to confirm sending account

Does anyone know a way to get Outlook for Mac to prompt the user to confirm that they wish an outbound email to go from the selected account?


  • Two ‘Work’ Accounts - different businesses, both O365 (my personal email is kept in mac mail)
  • Outlook sets the sending account to the folder you are currently in (or to the default account if you have that set in preferences)
  • Really easy to send an email from the ‘wrong’ account without realising it.
  • Ideally want a prompt on sending “Please confirm you want to send this email from xxxxx account” Just hit enter confirm or cancel to go back to editing to switch the sending account.

If not possible then I either have to be more careful !!! or potentially switch to having a third email client on the mac so that emails can’t be mixed up.

I do not think that there is an option to get a prompt to confirm using the correct account. I am not aware of any app that does that. I can see your point, but too many prompts lead to just clicking or tapping them away anyway in the long run…

BUT if you name your accounts in a way that you can identify them easily, you will be able to see at a glance what account is being used for an email (From field).

Apart from that, Microsoft recommends setting up your primary account as default. When you are answering an email, Outlook will automatically choose the account for sending that has received the incoming mail. A different option is to set up your primary account for sending and replying to all mails regardless of the incoming mail’s origin.

More on that at

In ‘ye olde days’ before VBA was stripped out it could have been scripted. I was hoping someone had a work around.

I’ll just have to be more careful :frowning: