Getting back/forward mouse buttons to work

My Logitech Performance MX mouse is still running strong but after my transition to MacOS the back/forward buttons (side buttons) no longer work. Neither does the thumb button (which in the MacOS word would probably be called the Exposé or Mission Control Button.

If I weren’t on Big Sur, I could install Logitech Control Center (LCC) and things would work (I suppose) But Logitech is no longer supporting LCC on Big Sur. Instead, you’re supposed to use Logitech Options, but that doesn’t support the Performance MX. :frowning:

Any chance of solving this? (without buying a new mouse).

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I’m answering my own question since I found it difficult to find clear (and correct) information on this elsewhere. Hope it helps someone.

The easiest solution for me was to install SensibleSideButtons:

  1. Download
  2. Install
  3. Launch.
    4, Done (It doesn’t open a window, just puts a little mouse icon in the menu bar.) No need to fiddle with any settings. The side buttons just work, both in finder and in various browsers.

What about the thumb button? Would be great to launch Mission Control with it, right? Well, at this point that doesn’t seem to work. But, hej, on Windows I never used that button either, so I won’t complain.

BTW: the story about how the developer behind SensibleSideButtons solved the problem of missbehaving side buttons is also an interesting quick read. (Scroll down to “Technical Notes” on SensibleSideButtons (

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