Getting new phone, restoring from iTunes backup. And then repairing with watch

Not so much a problem but a question.

My new phone is arriving today. To make the upgrade go as fast as possible, there are basically two options to restore from a backup.

a) Restore from an iCloud backup. (I normally backup to iCloud).
b) Restore from an encrypted backup in iTunes.

In the past, I’ve always backed up from iCloud but wouldn’t it be much faster to backup from an iTunes backup which doesn’t have to pull from the cloud?

Any issues in going the iTunes route?

Secondarily, what is the smartest way to pair my existing AW3 to my new phone?



Restoring from iTunes is always faster. That and the iCloud servers will be getting a workout this entire weekend.


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I went to do an iCloud backup just for safety sake and it was going to take 30 mins when usually it just takes a min. So maybe servers were getting hammered. So I just did an iTunes backup which was the plan.

The only odd thing, at least for me is that everything went smoothly but it seemed to want to download a lot of apps whic I don’t understand. Why wouldn’t it just get that from the backup?

As far as the watch goes, it immediately knew I had a watch and asked if I wanted it paired to new phone. So that was easy.

Encrypted iTunes backups save files that unencrypted iTunes backups don’t: saved passwords, Wi-Fi settings, website history, Health data. Do iCloud backups save/restore that data as well?

I’m curious about that as well. Since I opted to go with iTunes, I didn’t bother looking it up but I’ve never seen it stated if I think about it.