Getting off Overcast Test Flight app

I updated to the Overcast Test Flight app probably 5 days before the new version of Overcast came out. In some ways, I wish I hadn’t done it as I’d like to get back to the “stable version” of the app, but my iPhone Overcast library is 88.74 GB of space on my iPhone. I’m guessing that if I delete the app and re-download the App Store version, it SHOULD work that the phone will just sync with my Overcast account and probably just download that 88.74 GB of content again, but before I do it, I’d like to hear some assurances from some others out there in the MPU community. Obviously podcasts are pretty important to me, which is why I’m nervous to delete the app, but if someone with a smaller library has experience with this and can confirm I’ll be good, I’ll be happy to hear that. And yes, I am an Overcast Premium user.

I’m not on the Overcast Testflight, but I am on a number of others. Generally, when switching back to the stable/release version all I do is install the app store version over the Testflight version, rather than deleting the Testflight version. I’ve never lost data that way. I suppose the only caveat would be if the TestFlight was using a new data structure that had not yet made it to the release version.


Just open Appstore and hit download. Don’t have to delete the test light version.


Oh, that’s so much easier than I expected. Thank you!

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I can understand podcasts being important to you but that’s about 1,500 hours of podcasts. I can’t see needing to have that much content always available.

Great thread as I’ve previously just deleted the beta app and installed from App Store.

I live the iOS beta life frequently, as a result often head back to factory defaults a few times a year. For me, when I re-install Overcast (or restore from back-up), key thing is to set the Overcast New Episodes to “Stream When Played”. This avoids having to download anything in the past. Once it is all syc’d up, I then change the setting to “Download over WIFI” ensuring that anything in the future downloads.