Getting out of Tags window on OF with keyboard on iPad

Hi all,

I am wondering if there is a way to get out of the tags window and back to the info window in OF3 on iPad using the keyboard? When I create a task I would like to put in the title, go into Tags, put some tags, then get out of there and back to the info window, then put in the project, and get out of there, etc—all with the keyboard. It doesn’t seem like you can do this? Is am correct or is there something I am missing? It seems like you can use keyboard shortcut to move between info window and the note window, but within the windows.

the people at OF are pretty smart, so they probably would have put this in, unless it was not technically possible.

What I have started doing is using drafts, in split screen or in a window off to the side, with actions from the right people, to get stuff into OF with some of meta data attached.

Any suggestions would be welcomed!



Ps: oh, would love to upgrades and get shiny stuff, but just cant afford it…too expensive and not necessary…comfy proletariat living… :slight_smile:

Try hitting Control + 2 to go to the Note tab, then Control + 1 to go back to the Info tab.

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