Getting pencil settings right

I find myself wishing for a standard interface for the pencil stroke etc. across iOS.

In Sketches, the pen on the teardrop setting at 3.5 mm is a near perfect emulation of the fountain pens I used to use, both in the output and the feel. But Sketches isn’t really set up for note taking.

In Notability, even the smallest line seems too fat, and the pressure sensitivity makes it often even fatter. There are no choices for points.

Nebo has only one pen option too - and size choices are constrained - 2.5 feels too small, 3.5 feels too big.

Goodnotes comes closest to Sketches, with the Fountain pen set to 3.0 but it’s still less responsive and a bit fatter.

I also have Procreate but have barely used it and would like to avoid the rabbit hole of custom brushes…

Any suggestions? Has anyone tried either Pen and Paper or Pen to Print?

The different app have their own ink engines, and they are optimized for different objectives. Case in point is to play around in Procreate and feel how different all the brush options are. This is fantastic from a creative point of view, but at the same time, you will experience implementation differences between apps for simple things like pens.

For consistency, stick to a few apps you like. (Kinda like using your favorite pen in that particular notebook you love :slight_smile: