Getting scripts from Mac into Scriptable on iPad

What are my options for getting scriptable scripts from my MacBook into
Scriptable? I’d rather not edit them on the iPad (other than very small edits), so I’m opting to create them on the Mac.

I have all of my scripts in bitbucket, so I can fetch them using Working Copy, but how does Scriptable get access to them?

Ar there additional options other than pulling from VC (Dropbox, google driv,etc??)

You can directly access them on your Mac via iCloud Drive.

Can’t remember/check that folder right now, but I learned this from a post on the Automators forum, so I’m sure you can find it there.

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I think this is the post @rob was talking about:


Is there somewhere I can find useful AppleScripts or a good tutorial on how to write a useful script?