Getting Started with Drafts 5

I realized that I essentially only use Bear as a lightweight markdown editor and Drafts 5 seems to have so much more capabilities on top of that so I decided to switch.

They’re not the same. Not even close. So now I’m kind of lost in the wind wondering what to do with Drafts and hopefully justify it before my free trial expires.

Any suggestions?

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@macsparky did a set of screencasts on Drafts for Agile Tortoise.

@ChrisUpchurch Maybe I should clarify. I’ve figured out for the most part how things work. What I don’t understand is where one uses this app and how it compares to how one would use Bear.

It varies!

I have a lot of notes which are created and then almost immediately deleted in Drafts, and some which get tagged and then move to workspaces where they live.

Well they both use markdown… Yes, I know you know that. Bear is a great sheet of paper. Drafts has the sheet of paper skill. But it also directs ideas to where they fit best …much as Rosemary wrote.

She also wrote.

I write, “Yes, some overlap but not comperable…”

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You may not need drafts and that’s ok too. I also use Bear and probably would be just as happy starting a note there 95% of the time. I have one specific workflow where I write down my notes after a one on one meeting. I write it in drafts which then kicks off a workflow where it asks me additional questions and then takes information and auto tags it. Drafts is nice to be able to keep some of things consistent so I can think about the meetings and not how I’m going to organize it for admin purposes.

I use Drafts. It works for me. But there is more than one way to skin a rabbit. And maybe you are vegan…

Posted this before.

This sequence works. It may be ah so what to another brilliant writer.

I’m pretty proud of those screencasts. You can watch them at Agile Tortoise and I’m also posting them as an online course.


Nice! So is this a sign of the direction you’re planning on taking the MacSparky Field Guides?

You definitely should be proud of those screencasts!

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I think it comes down to what you want/need in an app. Drafts can do a lot by itself, and can do even more with other apps. If all you’re using Bear for is a Markdown editor, Drafts can likely replace that for you.

But there are a multitude of things that it can do above and beyond that. The best part of Drafts is that you can not only work with it, but you can customize it to make it work for you.

I use it for a ton of things: quick capture, text editing, journaling (with images and voice recordings, all stored in DEVONthink), work notes (which I send to my task manager as a PDF through a Shortcut), and scripting in JavaScript. I’m working out a few other ways to use it as well. I’ve written a lot about how I use Drafts, if you’re interested.

I look at it as a value proposition: if I can have a single app with a subscription instead of having multiple apps with subscriptions, then I’m still getting what I need to done while saving money. But that proposition has to be worth it to you, or anyone else. It’s not for everyone, but I highly recommend everyone try it. And hey, the free version does a lot. So use it anyway!

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@nahumck This was very well said. It’s convinced me to take another shot and try and not ask Drafts to be a better version of Bear, but try and figure out how Drafts functionality will work best for me.


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