Getting Windows on an iPad

I use Windows for work and they won’t let me purchase a Windows 365 account, even if I’m willing to pay for it and I’m looking for a way to get Windows on iPad. I use Parallels on my MacBook and tried Parallels Access but don’t like it. Are there any other virtualization services out there that would do the same thing as Windows 365?

Can you log into a work computer remotely? I’m able to do that using Citrix on my iPad, though it is a substandard experience.

No. The computers at the station are pretty locked down. We have Microsoft 365 accounts so I just ended up using Parallels on my MacBook with my work account. For me it’s a way to separate my work and personal life and want to be able to expand that to my iPad.

I’m confused… Do you want to run Windows or Office on your iPad?

I would assume, that he is talking about Windows, as there is a Windows365 available, as “Windows in the Cloud”, but as far as I know only for businesses currently.

While there are a couple of “ways” to get Windows running on an iPad, including some rather dangerous versions with some GitHub-Hacks, I don’t think that you will be very happy with the result after all.

Why don’t you just get one of those rather cheap Windows-Tablets, instead of “abusing” your iPad.

Windows. Microsoft has Windows 365 which is a virtual PC you log into through any browser but it’s only for businesses.

I like Windows 11. I don’t see it as “abusing”.

And I don’t want to buy another tablet I would have to carry around.

It’s just not what I was looking for. It’s slow, I have to have a computer up and running already, the resolution isn’t great.

Instead of Windows 365, you can get a Windows EC2 instance on AWS and use it however you like.

I know that it may sound to be quite a hassle doing so, but… it really is not:

I bought myself a shiny little PC in November 2021 which is running headless 99% of the time (HP ProDesk 400 G6 Mini-PC Intel Core i5-10500T, 16GB RAM, 512 GB SSD). It is quiet, does not use much energy and it did cost me only about 500 Euro back then. You can do it much cheaper with less powerful PCs, if you do not want to get as crazy as I have been. I use this PC via my Macs and my iPads. Via Jump Desktop.

Why did I do that?

  • I did not want to bother with the Windows virtualization saga any more (M1/ARM).

  • Windows instances in the cloud tend to be quite expensive and sometimes there is a benefit of having a physical device in your home that can be connected with other hardware (USB devices, other hardware that need firmware updates like my 15 year old electronic Yamaha piano).

Is this for everyone? I do not know, but I should have done it years ago. I have not regretted it at all.


Use at your own risk, I accept no liability for any headaches caused by this forum post :stuck_out_tongue:

With all due respect, this looks kinda janky (if you’re not familiar with that term, maybe “hacky” is close enough). Are you using it yourself and, if so, on what iOS version?

+1 for the choice of a mini PC, like that. Another +1 for picking Jump Desktop. The more I specify those Mini PC’s for my clients and the more I use Jump Desktop the more I like both.

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