Ghostnote2 Alternative Anyone?

Does anyone know of an alternative to the now gone Ghostnote2 app?

I want a sticky note app that allows me to pin stickies to folders and files.

It appears I’m not alone in this search … can’t believe know one has created this since Ghostnote quit in 2018. I thought I would ask as I was helped by MPU community on finding a folder / text app that works great!

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Can’t find an alternative. Maybe not what you are looking for but you can try:

  • Making notes in Comments section in Get Info for files and folders
  • Make a note in something like TextEdit and link it with HookMark (included in SetApp subscription)

Good luck in your search. :grinning:

It seems to still work under Ventura… but I’m not about to spend the $10 to find out, as it hasn’t been updated since Mojave**

You can create notes linked to files, folders, web pages, or other things using Hookmark. It’s a useful concept, however most of the interface is a convoluted mess, and the price is eye-popping if you want the features that matter the most. (The free version doesn’t do much.) Upside is it’s included in Setapp.