Gifting an iOS app when already purchased

Hey all,

Trying to gift a paid app in iOS App Store that I have previously purchased. The options for “Gift App” under the share sheet are non-existent. How do I do this?

Thanks for any insight!

Purchased apps are tied to your Apple ID.
You cannot transfer a purchased app to another person.

It’s been a while since I gifted an app to someone. I don’t even see on my phone how to gift an app I don’t own!

However, you can send someone a gift card for the amount, or send them Apple Pay cash with a link to the app, and let them buy it.

Thanks for the response.

Not trying to transfer the app to someone. Trying to gift them another version.

To gift an app you don’t own, simply hit the 3 dots while viewing the app in the App Store and click share, then Gift App.

When you own it, however, that option is not there.

I don’t want to get them a gift card. I want to get them the app. But thank you.

It’s supposed to be there, but it’s not even for apps I don’t own:

I think that I read the same thing somewhere, but I do not recall where.

Anyway, bug or not: apparently, it works in iOS 13 but it does not work in the current release version.