Gifting iCloud storage?

My mom is about to trade in her iPhone 7 for an iPhone 11, and in preparation for backups, photos, etc I wanted to buy her a year of 200Gb storage, either with a card of electronically. What’s the easiest way pass along that gift?

If it’s by iTunes Gift card, is there any way to get one for exactly $29.99? (I only see them for $25 and $50.)

I would advise to just buy it with her card and give her the money then… that way nothing crazy with your iCloud account have to be done. This is at least what it came to my mind once I read your message.

From Apple online store, you can buy them for any amount. And you can email directly to her if you like.

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You can also purchase an iTunes Gift card for any amount over $15 at the Apple Store.

3rd party resellers are also starting to sell iTunes Gift card that you can choose the amount required. My local grocery store and BestBuy both offer this option.

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Thanks everybody. I didn’t know you could order custom amounts - which is what I’ll do.