Ginkgo: New (to me at least) writing paradigm

This app has been around for a few years. Not sure how I haven’t heard of it. It has an interesting paradigm for writing, note taking, outlining, planning, …

The online Gingko you linked to has been pretty much deprecated. The dev calls it ‘Gingko 1’ and is no longer developing it.

Instead, he is offering the ‘Gingko 2’ desktop app at with a ‘pay what you want’ pricing starting at $15. I bought a license a year ago, but the limitations of the app keep me from using it.

Interesting (and sorry to hear it’s not better built-out). … I was just tinkering with thoughts about editing like this, when I built a three-level project outline in MindNode (I don’t often use mind mapping/outlining software … trying to expand my use of MPU-discussed items/techniques).

Thanks for the info. Hope you’re both well!

Link updated. Thanks.