Ginko Tree Another App Discovery

I keep on drilling down and still amazed of how many software gems I keep on finding.

In this case, It is an outlining software that I have been searching for to replace the ghosted “Trees” that allow horizontal and vertical channels.

Although this app has been around for a while it needs some love. The main developer is a genius but this app has so much more potential.

I plan to reach out to him with hopes of progressing this software into a more robust offering.

Althought he has a Mac App it seems that the Web version is the only one reliability working. I have used Fluid to make it a Mac app that runs the web app.
IMHO this is an app that resonanates with me on how to organize and collaborate information but not for the squimish. You will have to roll up your sleeves and modify your UX to your visual liking using CSS programming.

Give it a look and see if it fills a void in your workflow.

Ginko App

Ginko Community

Any thoughts on this software?

I think it fits nicely into researchers or university students.

The concept is interesting but a webapp is an immediate dealbreaker for me. I want to be able to write anywhere…
Got me thinking though, and realized most of the functionality can be replicated in Tinderbox.

Hmm I must look at Tinderbox then as well. I like the ability to have vertical and horizontal channels to drill down to more detail.

Yes, the web app platform is a deal breaker for many. It seems that the developer needs to continue with a macOS development

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Tinderbox is often described as a beast, but I found it surprisingly easy to get into, compared to all that I heard about it. If you know Scapple, then Tinderbox is Scapple in 100 times more powerful.

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