Giving an Apple Watch to your Kid

I upgraded to the Series 4 this year and gave my daughter my series 0. She was thrilled!

The problem is that it would continue to connect to my phone, and once it even imported her activity into my phone. I figured out that the automatic switching back and forth setting was on, so I turned it off, but was still having data sent to it when my phone was close.

So I just unpaired it completely and now it doesn’t even work at all, doesn’t even show time.

Is there a way to have it be just a watch? Getting her an iPhone is not the answer!! Thanks

The Apple Watch needs to be paired to an iPhone.

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It might work to pair the Apple Watch with your phone and turn off all/most of the connectivity options. You can have multiple Apple Watches connected to a single iPhone, but I’m not sure if you can have different settings for the different Apple Watches.

For example, I notice that there’s a way to turn off Heart Rate and Fitness tracking features (under Privacy).

Depending on what you want to use the watch for, maybe pair it with your iPhone and put it into Airplane Mode?

Getting her an iPhone is most certainly not the answer! Getting yourself a new iPhone and giving her your old one may be closer :wink:


Building on ACautionaryTale’s suggestion:
Could you get a new phone (for you) and keep the old phone as a fancy iPod (i.e. no cellular service)?

This would also provide you a backup phone should something happen to yours.


@timstringer That’s a great suggestion, thank you!

@ChrisUpchurch Once I get it re-paried up, I think I may do this, thanks for the suggestion.

@ACautionaryTale and @SteveB This is why I love this group! I it doesn’t matter the question, because the answer can always be, “Well, get yourself a new one!”. Love it. Seriously, though, I appreciate the response. She (according to her) the only 11 year old in the world without a phone, and we have purposefully held off on getting her one, though it is coming.

She really likes the watch, and I liked being able to give it to her, but they sure don’t make it much fun to have sans phone. But I get why.

You are all awesome!