Glass whiteboard

recent More Power Users, David mentions a “glass” whiteboard. can we see a photo? and description and source??

thank you

They’re fairly common. A sheet of tempered glass, frosted on the back side, with standoffs for mounting to the wall. Amazon has them.

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Several clients use these extensively in their offices and conference centers. Perhaps because so many people are using them, it seems they get scratched and marked up with the wrong markers. Sometimes making permanent marks. More than a few have come loose from their mountings and ended up sitting in the corner of the room. Perhaps glass boards are best when there is one, careful, user.


I have a porcelain whiteboard that I like.
It lets you use magnets too.

thank you all for the ideas. I’m familiar with the traditional “whiteboard” but have not seen glass.

thank you for your help

Inspired by @macsparky, I bought one for my new office.

It’s this one:

The whiteboard just arrived today (and the markers aren’t here yet) so I can’t really speak to how well it works.


Oh, and magnetic too.
That’s cool.

In my experience, the main advantage of glass boards over the traditional laminate kind is that glass (though it can definitely scratch) doesn’t seem to stain or deteriorate as fast as the other whiteboard materials.

Also, markers matter. I don’t buy anything but Expo at this point.

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