Global keyboard shortcuts for Apple Music?

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to work out how to toggle “play more like this” and “never play songs like this” with a keyboard shortcut outside the Apple Music Mac app.

Has anyone been able to do this? I can’t even work out how to do it within the app.

Global Keyboard Shortcut

Both the ‘love’ status and ‘disliked’ status are exposed through AppleScript, which you could invoke with a global keyboard shortcut with tools like FastScripts or Keyboard Maestro (you could also use KM to just select a menu item rather than running a script).


To like a track:

tell application "iTunes" to set loved of current track to true

And to dislike a track:

tell application "iTunes" to set disliked of current track to true

iTunes-Only Keyboard Shortcuts

Finally, to do it only within iTunes, you can assign keyboard shortcuts to menu items using System Preferences. In Keyboard, in the Shortcuts tab, go to ‘App Shortcuts’ and click the + button.


You can use pretty much any keyboard combination you’d like. If you choose a keyboard shortcut that’s already reserved for another command, yours will take precedence. (Here I’ve assigned it to ⌥⌘L, which is usually reserved for the activity window, for example.)

Note that this doesn’t seem to be working in macOS Mojave as the Song menu in iTunes appears to be disabled with an Apple Music track selected.

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Thank you so much, the apple script works perfectly.

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The iTunes-Only Keyboard Shortcut for Love doesn’t work on my High Sierra Mac. It just sorts by Love but it doesn’t Love the track. The Apple Scripts work. Thanks

I’ve been getting frustrated with the lack of keyboard shortcuts for navigating iTunes. Specifically going between my library and Apple Music, or switching the search from “Your Library” to “All Apple Music.” I’ll probably wind up making some basic KM things for this, but it’s frustrating that it’s not better natively. I did send Apple a feedback note about it.

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My wet dream is that Apple discontinue iTunes and move it’s components to stand-alone apps.