Glued sheets on Ulysses are meant to show together on editor pane?

I have some glued sheets on my ipad but they don’t show together on the editor pane.
Is there something wrong or on Ipad thing are going this way?

For glued sheets to work, you have to turn on manual sorting. My guess is that you are sorting by date or title. Here’s what Ulysses says,

“Glued sheets are actually two separate sheets, they only behave as if they were one. That’s why gluing is only available when the group’s sorting is set to manual. If you sort the sheets of a group per title or date, glued sheets will arrange in order, so you can’t see if they’re glued.”

If you want two sheets to always appear as one, you will need to merge them. But then they won’t be two separate sheets, rather they will become a single new sheet.