Gmail Back up to an external Hard Drive?

In the spirit of Belt and Suspenders. I do both Back Blaze and Carbon Copy backups to an external HD. I have about 80 GB of Gmail that I would like to back up to an external HD. It would be great if it could be PDF enabled.

My thought is if the wireless connection is down I would be able to have backups. Yes, I do have google offline. I still would like something more in my control. To Any MPU have any suggestions?

I use Google Takout to get an Mbox file with all the email in, then use email mail archiver x to read it in and index all the mail.

It also reads from outlook / mac mail so depending on how you use gmail takeout might not be required.

This file is also backed up to backblaze and time machine.

I too would recommend Email Archiver Pro, I have it signed straight into my Google account and it downloads the emails straight from the server. All of the emails are converted to PDFs and can be searched via Spotlight. It names the PDFs with the subject line of the email and puts attachments (if there were any) in a folder with the same name. When setting up Email Archiver Pro you can choose which folders/labels from Gmail you backup and where you want this backup stored on your Mac (including an external drive).

Darran West

EagleFiler can import and index your email from or Google Takeout.
It can do the same with just about any other type of file on the Mac)

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What about using the Apple Mail app? Then its part of your normal backup routine :slight_smile:

Thanks all I am going to check out Email Archiver Pro sounds just like what I was looking for. Is there an advantage of starting with Google Takeout and then Email Archiver Pro. Or can I just do EMP directly. Also does it save as PDF?

It does save each email as a PDF. If the email had an attachment(s) they go into a folder named the same as the PDF.

I think I just signed into my Google account directly from within Email Archiver Pro. Choose which labels you want to sync and it will create folders for each one and start to download all of your email.