Gmail in browser – or give another chance on a M1?

I can only agree!

But I would not be able to sleep tonight, were I not to drop in the obligatory reference:


My brother can’t understand my position on these matters. He showed me how he does his work email. He gets a job, many emails are exchanged about the job, then that job is finished. The job gets a folder, under a folder for the client it was for. I can totally see why he always files everything and has no trouble finding things later (which he rarely needs to do more than a week two after it’s finished).

I’ve never worked in such an environment. Everything happens at once, everyone wants something different, but often there is overlap (“Oh, you did what? Well that would explain this other thing, then!”) My role in technical support is heavily reactionary and even when we do get to do something “productive” there is every chance we will have to put it aside at a moment’s notice.

My office desk is pretty much clear most of the time. What does clutter it isn’t usually “work”, but drink bottle, headset, phone, etc. I used to have a much more messy desk but between refusing to use paper if at all possible and moving desk enough times I got sick of moving everything, I have almost nothing there now.

My (work) digital life is a mess because that’s how it grows. The two things I do to keep sane are:

  1. Always put stuff where it’s searchable, and
  2. Always strive for never having to revisit any problem.
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this may incur a lot of adminsistrative task and may lead to mis-filed emails. Gmail’s strength is its search function. I do not even bother to file or label , unless I may not recognise and find a obvsious keyword that I could use for searching.


I totally agree. Gmail’s search and spam filtering are the reason I’m migrating off Workspace to Gmail and not, like I’m making the rest of the family do, to a Hover mailbox. :slight_smile:

I’m also lazy, so that counts for a lot of “don’t file it, find it.”

Hey @BradG are you still using WebCatalog? How is it? I’m really intrigued to explore anything that reduces my RAM usage… mail app is killing me at the moment!

Note that these web wrappers make more sense if you want to juggle several GMail accounts at the same time using the web interface (you can also check Biscuit, or Ferdi. If you are only using a GMail account I believe you will get similar memory usage using GMail’s web interface in a Safari tab.

Also, Mimestream is totally native and is blazingly fast (free as in beer while in beta).


You should probably do a quick review of Kiwi for Gmail and Postbox

I am – very happily. I have it over on separate “space”, so it’s in a different context for me, relative to everything else. That is one benefit of just accessing it via a browser tab, as suggested by @pantulis – the wrapper has it feel like a stand-alone app (to me, at least).

Like that the various accounts remember the last search/view I used on a “per-account” basis.

Also seems as if the gmail shortcuts work natively – but don’t hold me to that, since I was never a heavy gmail user in the first place. Bottom line though, I am keeping on top of personal emails, and it’s not using up space on my local system – all server/web-side, which I don’t mind in the least.
Might not be the solution for somebody who is a heavy-user, but suits me perfectly.

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Awesome thanks mate - I’ll have to check it out! I see a fair few use cases for it!