Gmail problem: Emails don't appear in Inbox

For the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that several emails I received didn’t show up in my inbox. They do show up as new and unread in All Mail. This is happening across multiple Gmail accounts. I don’t have any filters/forwarding/auto-archiving set up that would explain this. I use Apple Mail, Mailbutler and MailSuite on my Mac and Apple Mail on iOS.

I was wondering if anyone else has come across this and figured out what’s causing it. Thanks!

Have you checked the other tabs like Social, Promotions it Updates?

I’ve seen this issue start to happen occasionally as well, although I think it’s been a couple weeks since the last incident. Restarting the app, or refreshing the browser tab, usually fixed it for me. Really annoying!

I have not experienced that on my Mac, but it occasionally has happened to me with Mail on iOS or iPadOS. I am not using GMail. This happens with a regular IMAP account.

I have no idea what causes this. After I have dealt with the email on my Mac I usually move it into a folder. After doing that it shows up in Mail on iOS7iPadOS, too…

Gmail’s custom IMAP extensions (needed for its tagging system and special-use mailboxes) occasionally doesn’t play nice with Apple Mail. I bet the issue doesn’t appear if the OP looks in the Gmail app or web view.

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It does happen both in Apple Mail and the web interface. It appears to be caused by Apple Mail or one of the plugins (MailSuite or Mailbutler) because it hasn’t happened since I switched back to Mailmate after my original post.

I’ll go back to using Apple Mail and disable the plugins one by one to find the culprit.

It usually happened in the Gmail iOS/iPadOS app for me, and occasionally in the web app. I wasn’t clear earlier.