Gmail Signin Fail on IPad

My wife has a new(ish) iPad Air and we’re slowly installing the apps she needs. Just a moment ago we tried to sign into the Gmail app on the device. We went through the add an account and the usual captive browser appeared for Email and password entered no problem. After authorizing gmail says that browser doesn’t have cookies enabled. How is this possible? First Safari has cookies enabled, Second this is the captive browser so it shouldn’t be subject to limitations.

Try deleting and then redownloading the app.

Cookies Disabled Error when Cookies ARE E… - Apple Community

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I’ve had problems with Gmail sign-in on iPad. I think your scenario might be the same as mine. Here is the solution:

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I just noticed that when GMail wasn’t working for me (linked thread above) you helped with my problem too. Are you our resident GMail expert? :grin:

Nope. I’m a retired I.T. manager that still enjoys helping out when I can.


I know that this is an answer to your problem, but have you thought of using the native Apple Mail App?

I think it would go through the same account sign in page. More important it would create a divorce.

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For what it is worth, I use Apple Mail with three Gmail accounts, one professional and two personal, with no problems.

I have a Google account in Apple Mail and I don’t remember having to sign in via a website.

Good news I’m still married, I didn’t try convert my wife to Apple Mail.

Instead Disabling the setting to stop cross site tracking was necessary. I do need to go back in and re-enable.