Gmail web interface

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Does anyone uses Gmail’s web interface? What are your tips and workflows?

I’ve always tried to use email apps (Spark, Newton, Apple Mail, etc) but they can’t give me quick access to Google Drive, Voice, etc like the web interface does! I’ve tried every mail app out there but I always come back to using the web interface for gmail - it’s especially helpful with attaching large files since they send as a Google Drive link! Plus - the filters are so easy to use!

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I love the web interface. So fast.

You absolutely need to learn the keyboard shortcuts - makes you able to work really fast and efficiently.


That’s pretty nice! Thanks!

Agree with @tydurkin. I always come back to the web interface.

Filters are a must-have. The web interface seems to be the easiest.

I am used to the tag/folder structure. I don’t remember if it is native or a setting to make it so you can ‘open them’, as opposed to flat.

It took a while, but I like the ‘archive’ functionality with the assurance it brings.

A big browser interface plus for me is that the email is not stored on my machine. Over the years, it seems that email eats up so much space. And, it is for the security of being able to find one email from a year ago. I let gmail do it. I think IMAP can be configured with an email client to archive correctly.

I use an add-on that colors the stars.

I do not use the email tabs (inbox / promotions / something else). I lose email in those and cannot always guess which bucket Google is going to add it into.

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I don’t like it, rather use the clean UI of

Pretty much all that @marklauerman said :+1:

Filters & labels are big for me.

And of course, its search engine (miss that soooo much when using Outlook at work) and quick access to Drive & Calendar when need access from my work PC (pretty much locked down)

I’ve used it for a looong time. Just got the new web interface on my G Suite account, though. Haven’t explored it too much. Anybody have insights?

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I surprised myself my finding I preferred Google’s Inbox view of Gmail:

Also, Mailplane just came out with a version 4.0. I think I bought v.2 for $5, and never upgraded, but it’s looking pretty spiffy:

TidBits did an in-depth look at it a couple of days ago:

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I have recently gone back to using Gmail via web interface as I find it easier to use and organise. I did this after seeing this video on youtube from Dottotech.

Hope it helps.


That’s really a great video. Thanks for sharing,@Janeway.

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The shortcuts on the new gmail are awesome. When an email is checked or when you’re reading one just hit the letter “b” and the Snooze email option will pop up. Then you can use the arrow keys to select when you want to snooze til. Very useful.

Also, pressing the “e” key will instantly archive an email.