Going all in on Apple Fitness+

I’ve been working on personal fitness for the last few years. For 2022, I’m going all in with Apple Fitness+.

I used to pay a trainer a monthly fee to set up strength workouts for me using the Trainerize | Personal Training Software for Fitness Professionals and Clubs app. While I really liked my trainer, I actually rarely saw her since we mostly interacted through the app.

I’m already paying for Apple Fitness+ because I do the Premier thing, so I figured I should try to get my money’s worth out of it. I’ve been using it every day for the past week and I really like it. Good trainers, good routines, lots of variety, and I don’t feel like I’m working out all alone. I’m looking forward to trying out a bunch of different routines in the coming year.

What do others think about Fitness+?


I’m slowly incorporating Fitness+ into my routines more often. I had never done any kind of video workouts before and wasn’t convinced that I’d enjoy them.

I started by sporadically doing the cooldowns. That seemed like the easiest way in. I liked those more than I would have guessed.

I tried a couple of treadmill workouts, since the treadmill makes up the bulk of my workout time. But I didn’t find those any more helpful than my own BPM-based playlists that I’ve been using for a few years. I don’t want to be watching TV while I’m moving like that.

At this point I’ve expanded beyond cooldowns to occasionally do a strength or core workout to replace my normal strength routine. I like having that option — to do a workout that somebody else designed instead of trying to think up my own new variations. And I’ve liked all of the workouts I’ve done. They’re usually more taxing than what I’d do myself.

I feel like the workouts I choose are kind of arbitrary. I wouldn’t mind it if they added some options for building longer-range workout plans that are more structured or are goal-oriented — either in terms of outcomes or as a way of training for specific activities like golf, softball, tennis, etc.

But maybe I could do that myself if I used the service more regularly and had a better sense of what’s available.

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I totally agree and have been thinking that same thought recently. I’d like to be able to structure each week of Fitness+ so that I know I’m getting a good mix of exercises for the whole body, as well as a mix of high heart rate and mellow stretching. I’m doing OK with this by myself as I experiment with different trainers, but I have questions. Such as, if I follow one trainer predominantly, while that lead to a more coherant week/month/year?

This is where I am at with Fitness+ as well. I have used it quite a bit, especially yoga, strength training, and some pilates. I think their yoga stuff is great, well done, easy to follow, and instructors that I like. The bike stuff is fine, but is still incredibly boring, it needs more stats, like with Peleton, but that would require expensive equipment. Indoor aerobic fitness needs something to motivate me, and the instructors smiling and telling a story doesn’t do that for me.

My biggest gripe (which is common to most of Apple’s services) is that they haven’t done anything with it. They are adding more everything, but that isn’t what is needed. I need workout plans, workouts that specify what they are working out, and stats. For example: the last 4 months I have been injured and watching YouTube videos on strength training for knees. Fitness needs something like this. They could do a line of videos for knee strengthening from light to heavy.

There is so much they could do in this space, and they just don’t seem to be doing anything. Just “here’s more workouts” and “listen to this podcast by a famous person while you walk.”