Going all in with apple eco system

I’ve been interested to try out iPhone for few years now, but never really got a chance to do so. Be cause my phones keep getting destroyed in very unpredictable times and I am not big fan of buying phones with credit card. But now when this Covid-19 become a real issue it forced me to stop travelling the world and I decided to sell my laptop since it was bought only travelling in mind. And then I was able to bought maxed out iPad and iPhone with all the bells and whistles to go with. So far I’ve been very happy with my trade and I don’t see a point why I would never go back. My only cons are that the lightning cables are expensive and white, which make them dirty looking very quickly. Also the switch from android to ios (or vise versa) was not the easiest thing to do, but that’s not only Apples fault (damn you lazy whatsapp devs). I also have old mbp from early 2011 which have travel the world a lot and its in pretty rough shape. It now enjoys its retirement days as my printer computer since the windows 10 was not able to do shit with my old printer, because of some stupid driver issues. I’ve also dig into Hazel automated organization features lately and I think my old mbp is going to work with those too in future until I get new Apple silicon desktop setup. I also start to invest into apple smart home setup and that looks pretty nice thing too. Now I fully understand why so many of my friends don’t even consider buying anything else than Apple. The way these things work together is amazing.

Now I am just waiting to Apple come out with desktop setup with silicon technology and better I/O. That mac mini really interests me but the I/O needs to upgrade before I get one. And since I am still power user of Adobe media tools I need to wait those get better too on Apple silicon technology.

What comes to that iPad I bought. I think there was not even any competitors from android/windows manufacturers, that could offer same amount of features for any amount of money. I really had no budget limit on that and I feel that no any other manufacturer can compete with Apple at the moment. And that’s funny because many of my friends have said the same even tho they are not into Apple products otherwise. Also one day I find my self accidentally getting into CAD drawing and modeling with that iPad and Shapr3D. And now I even think I should maybe retrain into that industry :sweat_smile: I’ve been always interested about technical drawing and modelling, but the programs and licenses to windows software are very complicated to use and expensive to get. And they always need you to be in your desktop that is able to power those software’s. Now I can lay on my friends couch and make some drawings which is very intuitive. I was also very prejudiced about the AR features that Apple added into their iPads and iPhones, but the possibility to project your 3D CAD models into your living room and checking how they would fit is super convenient!

All in all I am very pleased with these devices and look forward to get deeper into Apple eco system and getting more out of it.


Welcome to the brushed aluminum side of the Force. What a lovely setup you have! Makes me itch to renew my hardware, within a year, hopefully, with the Apple Silicon Macs releases :slightly_smiling_face:


That looks like a big stack of fun :smiley:
If you want to look for different iPhone cable (not white) then just make sure you get one that ‘MFI certified’, Syncwire do a nice grey braided cable.


That was big stack of money in the first place and then huge amount of configuring and researching how to do some more advanced things on IOS. But so far there have not been anything in android that can’t be done in IOS, things just work a bit differently. Also I am not a big fan of the way how Apple have treated their customers after Jobs passed away and I am still against their pricing strategy on some stuff, like the chargers for example. Although the benefits of having a phone, tablet, computer, ear buds and maybe smart watch some day plus hardware, software and firmware all coming out of same place is overriding the negative things that I don’t appreciate in Apple. And not forgetting the fact that half of the phone accessories are always made to Apple products and the other half is divided by handful of Android manufacturers. Like when I did bought the Huawei I really struggled to find a good case to it, I believe there is no phone case manufacturer in the whole industry that doesn’t make cases to Apple phones.


Welcome to the ecosystem! It’s like a club. You certainly won’t regret it. I surely haven’t.

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I’ve used Anker cables with good success. Fabric covered and available in different lengths, 1 to 3 meters. I got some 3 packs with 1, 2, 3m cables for about $15.

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Yeah, the only white Apple-branded cables I get anymore are the ones that come with products. All the rest are kevlar coated and braided. I’ve only had one of those fail!

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A white Apple cable that got left in the car a lot eventually disintegrated, a nice Nomad (I think) braided black one got left in a rental car so now I get red braided Anker cables from Amazon.

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