Going from a M1 Pro MBP to a M2 Air?

When the first Apple Silicon Macs came out, I held out for the 14” M1 Pro MacBook Pro because the M1 MacBook Air lacked a few key features for me:

  1. HDMI, to allow me to plug into a projector without a dongle.
  2. Support for multiple external monitors, so I could hook up to a multi-display setup when going in to the office.
  3. More than 16gb of memory.

Since then, my life has changed. I no longer go into an office or regularly need to hook up to projectors, so reasons 1 and 2 aren’t relevant anymore. As far as 3 goes, I think I could get by with the M2’s support for 24GB.

On the flip side, I think I’d really like a smaller, lighter Mac laptop. This has me considering ditching my M1 Pro MBP for an M2 Air. Either laptop would just be for travel or being out and about (I’ve got a Mac Studio on the desk at home). Has anyone made this leap, or otherwise have experience with both the 14” MBP and the M2 Air? Anyone running the multi-laptop lifestyle like @MacSparky and have experience with both? Would the smaller, lighter laptop be worth making the switch?

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We bought an M2 MacBook Air to replace my wife’s aging 2012 MacBook Pro 15". The new MBA (2.7 lbs) feels so much lighter compared to the previous computer (5.6 lbs). There were many other obvious reasons for upgrading as well.

The 14" MBP weighs only slightly more than the MBA (3.5 lbs). I’m guessing it’ll be several hundred dollars to make the switch and you’d be losing a lot of power.

I shouldn’t try to talk you out of the switch. That M2 MBA is so nice (though so is your 14" M1 MBP). I also have an itch to switch my M1 13" MBP 2020.

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Two other advantages of the MBP M1:

  • The Display is nicer than the M2 MBA (Promotion, more brightness).
    If you use your laptop as a laptop (not hooked to a monitor), this could make a difference in day to day usage.
  • Better speaker/microphone system.

I have an M1 Max 14" Pro for my main computer and I love it, but I really, really, really want an M2 Air. I don’t need it in the least, but I want it. I’ve used an M2 Air for a day and really liked it, but for me it couldn’t completely replace my Pro. Given that you have a Studio, I’d be inclined to make the switch if:

  1. Pro Motion doesn’t matter to you

  2. You’re the sort of person who really notices small differences in weight. Some people are very sensitive to this and others don’t care about the difference of a pound or two.

  3. 16 GB RAM is enough for you (I know the Air can be configured up to 24, but I feel like 16 being just enough is a good indicator about whether or not an Air is enough computer - I would still get 24 regardless)

  4. (This is the big one) Battery life is a major factor, because the Air is much better on that front.

I recently received an M2 MBA through my work, and I’m floored with it’s performance. I’d been using my personal M1 MBA and Mac Mini (my preferred work from home computer) up until receiving the M2 MBA, and have put in more time using the M2 as of late. Thing thing is faster than a jet yet quieter than a whispering mouse.

I haven’t used the 14” MBP devices themselves, but I would say that I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything other than multi-display support - which I’m willing to say is a slight negative but not a deal breaker. INCREDIBLE battery life.

I used a 14 MBP since new, but recently moved to the M2 Air and gave my wife the 14. It’s more than fast enough for my needs and I love the size and weight.


I have not unplugged the MacBook Pro from my monitor since I moved into the new studio. The MBA (with 16GB Ram) is up to anything I need to do away from my desk.


I got the M1 MacBook Pro last October and immediately came to the realization it was way more than I ever needed and its power was being wasted on looking at memes.

Oh well, not a bad problem to have. I had a 2017 MacBook Pro previously – yes, the shitshow version that went through 2 keyboard replacements so the M1 was a huge upgrade immediately.

…but I never got used to the size of the M1. It’s HEAVY and bulky, as it should be since its a workhorse but I just couldn’t ever get used to the size since Im working remotely all the time.

Whe the new Air was announced I decided to downgrade to it and was really excited about it.

When I finally received it I knew within a few minutes that I was not going to keep it and stick with the M1.

It felt cheap and wimpy compared to the M1 and the inferior display of Air was big time noticeable after using the M1 for a year. Had I gone from the 2017 Macbook to the Air it probably wouldnt have felt like a ghetto device, but compated to the M1 it didn’t stand a chance.

I’m still with the M1 and now I love it’s curves and consider myself a chubby chaser proudly.

And that’s my experience, doesn’t mean it would be yours or anyone else’s. Apple has a great return policy so if it’s not going to leave you destitute eating beans out of a can around a barrel fire don’t be afraid to buy it to see how it feels since you can return it with no issues.


I went from an Intel 13 inch MBP to a M2 Air and eliminated major irritants: gone are the damn Touch Bar (I hated the thing), the fan noise and the small SSD (that one was my fault). I’m very happy with my purchase, overall.

Is it me, or is the new aluminum they’re using more fingerprinty?

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I’ve read that it depends on which color you get. Some show fingerprints more than others.

Both my former MBP and my current M2 Air are midnight grey, but fingerprints seem to show more on the Air. They probably just use better quality aluminum in the pro models.

The history of Apple’s case colors has been spotty at best. :slightly_smiling_face: For example, Mapping Apple’s vast universe of space gray shades - 9to5Mac.

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Well, I decided to go for it. New MacBook Air will be here in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for all the feedback. This, plus Jason and Myke raving about the M2 MBA on this year’s Upgradies pushed me over the edge.