Going full screen on an external display with an iPad

Is there anyway to make my iPad screen fit the entire size of my external monitor? I’m testing out using my 11 in Pro as my main device.

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I’m dreaming that iPadOS 14 will enable external monitors to live in their own spaces and accomplish exactly what you are trying to do here.


I have heard of this app. Never tried tho.

This is a known (and annoying) limitation I just discovered as well with my new iPad Pro that i purchased once I heard of the new apple Smart Keyboard. Hooked it up to my external LG display and found the same thing. Searching for solutions yielded zip so, no, at the moment there’s no way around this and its another reason I’ll be sticking to my MacBook. That’s in addition a to the fact that you can use the external display as an extended desktop. (This is different than sidecar where this is reversed)