Good Dual Monitors for Windows/Mac Setup

Looking for a good monitor for a dual setup. I’m using a windows machine for work and a iMac for personal. I would like a good monitor for the center of the desk that connects to both. Ideally would like a easy way to switch input methods (preferably software or keyboard clicks). I’m currently using a Asus 27’ and having issues where it loses connection sometimes and for some reason when my mac goes to sleep the asus monitor flashes on the screen about losing input method.

Thanks in advance

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I recently purchased an HP z27 monitor. I use this with a Windows 10 Dell laptop, connected to the DisplayPort connection on the monitor, and a MacBook Pro connected to the USB-C connection on the monitor. A Logitech 920s and a Bose sound system are also connected. Switching displays from Windows to Mac and back is via a set of menu buttons under the monitor. (Not ideally located, but serviceable.). A Das Keyboard is also connected to the monitor, switchable to each computer if needed.

All works well. The monitor fires itself up when either machine is booted. Goes to sleep with both machines are asleep or disconnected. I have had no issues with lost connections. I have each computer configured to use the monitor as an extended workspace.

Which Das Keyboard do you have? I have and like the Das Keyboard 4 Pro with MX Blue switches. I have recently fallen in love with my HHKB Pro Hybrid too.

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Welcome to the forums @eenochs!

Das Keyboard 4 with Cherry MX Brown switches. I love it. @bowline recommended it. Most comfortable keyboard experience I can recall.

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