Good experience with Synology

I have had a Synology NAS (DS1515+) for about 4 years. Recently it died. It has been shutting down periodically for a few weeks, randomly. I wasn’t sure if I had a power issue or a LAN issue or whether it was the system itself. And then this weekend it just stopped. (Why this happened is still a mystery but I can spend some time on that question later).

It is out of warranty and it wasn’t even clear how to get it fixed if I wanted to – and I depend on this system. So I bit the bullet and ordered a new DS1019+ on Saturday which arrived about an hour ago.

I moved my five old drives (3TB, 3TB, 3TB, 4TB, 6TB) to the new system powered it on. It noticed that I was migrating from a 1515+ and asked me if I want to migrate all files and settings. YES (I was not able to save any config so my expectation was that I was gonna have to do a lot of stuff to get it back to the same state – but as long as my files were ok, I could handle that).

I installed the new OS, and rebooted and voilà! My system was there. It had the same name. It had a different IP address, but that was easy to fix. So far everything that I tried is still up and running and configued. My VPN “just works”. My “hyperbackups” just work. All the accounts are there and I could just connect from my MAC. I was amazed.

I am sure that I will find a few things that I need to configure from scratch, but this was a wonderful gift.


I had the power supply crap out on a DS1515+ that was just out of warranty(3 years, I think). They sent me a replacement, no questions asked.

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Interesting… I am almost exactly at 4 years (March 12, 2016). But it seems like a reasonable thing to look into.


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That’s the way it’s designed to work.
It’s nice when a plan comes together.

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I pulled the trigger on a Synology last year after never having a NAS before and kinda not sure how much I would use it. Well, 4 months in, I am absolutely in love. It is the best thing I bought last year and has provided more fun and file management freedom than I expected.
I am still surprised at how many services I don’t need anymore because of the Synology. It continues to surprise and delight me.


Yup. I had the same experience.

I had the same experience, at about the same time. Support looked at my logs and said that it looked like the controller was failing. I ended up buying a new NAS, and populating it with the old disks.

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