Good find: Woebot


I found this app recently: Woebot. I have been using it for a few weeks and I like really like it. I think it should be on everyone’s iPhone.

It is a therapy app and I know that sounds a bit strange, but it actually works really well. Give it a spin for yourself over at: link to App Store is at the bottom of the article.

Happy therapy!

Have you tried the app? I think awareness of one’s mental and emotional health is an ever-increasing need in societies all the western world (as well as elsewhere). We spend more time than ever looking at screens and on our phones in particular. Having someone, even though it is a robot, check in on you from time to time can be really beneficial for people. I think it’s a great app and it should be better well known.

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I prefer to discuss my health, including mental, with my doctor. Just had my yearly checkup and stress, workload, work life-balance, etc. were also discussed. Self-medication is already a problem.