Good Lightning Cables?

I like to have cables for charging my iPhone in several places. I also have them connected to both computers for when I need to have the phone connected to do something. My cables have been slowly failing me and now I’m down to a single cable that I have to cart around and reconnect. I’d really rather not spend $20-$30 just to buy them from Apple if I don’t have to but OTOH I’m not sure about buying them from other sources.

Does anyone have any favorite places to get good lightning cables?

I’ve been purchasing Anker cables from Amazon for the last few years. And I’ve never had a problem with any of them.


Syncwire or Amazon Basics cables have both worked well for me.

Anker Cables Powerline II have been great.

I have a couple of Amazon Basics cables too and I’ve had no problem with them. However, there have been numerous reviews since 2016 of quality issues in Basics products, including cables. If I were buying third party cables today I’d probably go with Anker.

Between my girlfriend, myself and our families; we’ve collected quite a few of the Amazon Basics ones, not had a problem with any of them. In fact neither the cats nor the girlfriend has managed to destroy one yet which is a significant testament to their durability. :wink:

I’ve never had an Anker Lightning cable but have got Anker Qi chargers, battery packs, USB adapters etc… They’ve all been great too so Ankers clearly a pretty solid brand.

I’d have no hesitation in picking up either one if I needed another cable.

Thanks folks, I appreciate it. Probably going to go with some Amazon Basic ones.

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When I have a cable that gets a lot of use, I use Sugru on it as a strain relief. It prolongs the life of the cable a great deal. It’s also handy for a million other things.

From their website:


Nomad kevlar cables are by far the best cables I’ve ever used

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I swear by Native Union cables and Qi chargers. (First spotted in Heathrow Airport but subsequently seen in Apple Stores.)

Expensive but well designed and robust.

+1 for Anker. My family used to destroy cables in short order. It’s now very rare with Anker cables