Good news in opening nearly 20 year old files

Given all of the conversation surrounding future proofing one’s files, I thought I’d try an experiment.:crossed_fingers:t3: I decided to see if I could open the original doctoral dissertation files from 18 years ago (both in Word and Pages). I’ve preserved these as PDF’s but have not tried to open the originals from 18 years ago. It worked like a charm. :slight_smile:


Tangent: I recognize those constructs… Is that from the Leadership Challenge? Pozner or something?

If you ever have a problem opening ancient Microsoft office documents try LibreOffice. I’ve haven’t used it since 2018, but up to that time it had never failed to open old MSO documents that current versions of Microsoft Office could not.

Once opened and saved by LibreOffice the file it could be opened by MS Office again.

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My computer can handle my 20 year old files. Just not sure I can.


Pozner and et al


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