Good podcast chapter creation SW

Looking for suggestions for software to create chapter markers for a podcast. My local radio station provides show notes but no chapter markers for their podcast - colorado matters. I want to email them and ask them to create chapter markers for the listeners.

Sometimes it’s nice to skip certain topics in a podcast :slight_smile: And after all we don’t have to buy an entire album now, we can just listen to or buy individual tracks.

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Maybe Forecast from Marco Arment?


I use Forecast for all of my shows!

ismh - can I ask the names of your shows and what they are about?

Connected - Apple news
Liftoff - Space coverage
Ungeniused - Weird stuff on Wikipedia


In case you want to know more: these shows are all published by the Relay FM network that also brings you MPU:

(@ismh is one of the two co-founders:

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I’m using Ferrite on my iPad. It’s the only thing I use it for.

In this use case I keep a set of stock graphics and insert (the same 5 of) them into a 30-minute plus podcast episode and export. Round trip from Audacity on the Mac is about 15 minutes.

I really should move more of my production over to Ferrite. Perhaps one step of the process at a time.