Good replacement for Labels & Addresses?

I’ve been using BeLight’s Labels & Addresses for years. It does a great job of printing custom labels on my Dymo label printer, and beautiful envelopes on my laser printer. However, BeLight is not planning on upgrading the app to 64bit. Instead, they’ve migrated some of the app’s functionality into their other products PrintWorks 2 and Swift Publisher 5. However, while both of these apps do a decent job with envelopes, neither are designed to work with Dymo label printers (no Dymo presets, etc). So, I’m looking for a good replacement.

I’ve tried Dymo’s own label printing app… and it’s sort of… um… lame. Very clunky design and poor usability (compared to Labels & Addresses). In a perfect world, I’d find one app to handle both my Dymo labels and laser printed envelopes, but I’d be just as happy to find two excellent (but separate) apps.

Any suggestions? Thank for your time!

I know someone who used to use this app, don’t know if she still does.

I had a Dymo printer a decade ago and agree about the dev’s software being bad even back then - I ended up donating the printer and paper rolls and resorted to using my laser printer.

Thanks for the suggestion! Sadly, I looked at this one (along with a few others) in the App Store. The reviews are pretty brutal. Not a lot of popular options out there. :frowning: