Good USB A to lightning+USB C for car


I need a good USB A to lightning+USB C for our car including CarPlay One of us has a new iPhone with USB C. One is still using lightning.

I’ve tried
Anker Powerline II 3-in-1 Cable,…
The Anker one is annoying because it’s actually micro-USB and two little tethered adapters one for lightning and one for usb c. So you have to put the adapters on the right way to the micro usb. People using the lightning connector say the connection isn’t always good.

I’ve also tried:
MJEMS USB C Multi Fast Charging Cable PD 60W Nylon Braided Cord 4-in-1 3A USB/C to Type C/Phone Fast Sync Charger Adapter Compatible with Laptop/Tablet/Phone
That one came to me not working well on the USB A end.

Anybody have one of these they can heartily recommend?

I’ve given up trying to find an all in one cable, now we have a lightning cable and the apple lightning to usb-c adapter that is left in the car that I use when I need it.

That would be fine IFF the USB-A plug the cable needs to connect to wasn’t deep in the dash where it’s a giant pain in the kiester to plug it in or change cables.

the lightning to usb-c fits on the end of the lignting cable - don’t need so switch the whole cable, just plug it on the end.